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Hi, I just encountered the knight Eyck of [...] and picked the dialogue option "Godspeed" since I forgot that it means goodbye. This ended the interaction and Eyck disappeared from the map. I'm now worried that I skipped a potential quest/encounter.

Is there any way to go back to a previous autosave so I can talk to Eyck again?
This question / problem has been solved by Hickoryimage
There is only one save, so unless you have not progressed to a point where it's been overwritten there is no way to go back. If you have not progressed where the game has been saved, do NOT quit the game by the normal means. ALT+TAB into Windows and bring up the Task Manager. Quit the game from the task manager to prevent it from overwriting your save, then start again.
You need to back up your saves. Quitting the game, it'll auto-save. Do this:

Before an encounter (a "?" or "!" or sometimes at random, so back up often) alt-tab out. Go to AppData-> LocalLow -> CDProjectRed -> SaveData.

Copy EVERYTHING in the folder, then paste that to a generic folder on your desktop (or whereever- don't use the game directory though just to be safe). Make sure cloud saves are turned off in gog. Dunno if it can load from there or not (I have mine off).

I just made a destop folder, and within that folder, I just create a "new" folder everytime I need to make a back up save. That way it auto labels in numerical order, i.e. Folder 1, Folder 2, etc. and remains clean and uncluttered.

Any time you need to load from a back up, save the game and exit to main menu, open your desktop saves, select all and copy, paste over the game's save files. Press continue. It'll load up that save.

I've been keeping the save folder and game's save folder minimized for ease. I'll pause the game, alt-tab, maximixe both folders, copy and save, then back into the game. Takes 10 seconds. IF I'm nearing a "?" or "!", I'll go ahead and make a save then continue. If the game throws a nasty curve, I can go back. Or if I want to see how the choice will be viewed, I can see both outcomes quickly.