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I am currently in Angren ( the second part right before leaving the area). I realized that according to my map there is still loot on the left upper corner of the map.

Now I remember trying to get to that part of the map at the first part of Angren, but I was unable to do so. Either I have not looked hard enough or there was no clear path that indicated the direction. Now I am pretty much done with the map and it turns out, as I thought previously, that you still can not reach the left upper part of the map.

My OCD makes me angry at the thought of leaving this "loot" behind, so I wonder if anyone is able to show me how to get there. I checked on youtube, but they mostly just show chests and how to get them.

Can I still reach it? Or did I miss my chance because apparently I was unable to get there on the first part of the map?
There were 2 loots before taking Red Lobinden after you take the fort you can't go back there.