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I'm about to finish and move on from chapter/map 2, but it says I only have 8 of the 9 chests. When I look at the map I can see all 9 chests with dark icons indicating I have taken them.

Anyone else experiencing this? Does anyone know if this is purely a visual bug or if it can break some achievements and/or multiplayer rewards if I move on before it gets fixed?
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I've got the same bug on the first map. 9/10 chests although I see 10 on the map.
Same problem here :(
Yep. I have the exact same thing. I guess I'll just have to move on and hope I'm not missing anything.
I ran into this on the 3rd map. I physically went back and checked each chest (they persist as being opened) and all 8 were open, though it stated 7/8 in the end-area recap. I forgot to check the guy in the mess tent on the far left as he should show how many are left too.

Looking at the game's statistics, there are some things that are remaining at "0.00%". Which suggests no one is getting them, or they are very hard to get. That might be a hint something isn't getting registered.
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