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Decided to post this here.

1. It is incomplete.
2. The info may be inaccurate, but hopefully it will be a decent starting point.
3. Feel free to contribute, update, signal the mistakes, criticize, etc.

- Read the game manual. It's not a fantastic source of information, but it should get you started.
- Save often.
- The 'Alt' key turns on Tooltips for items on the ground (same as in Diablo).
- You gain 1 XP point per each 1 Dmg point (the faster you hit, the more XP you gain), so kill everything you can.
- All weapons / armor you pick up can be given to Blacksmith and all magical items to Priest, for more spell points.
- Keep party members at about the same levels. That includes the guys in the Temple Shrine as well.
- Send dead party members to Temple Shrine for resurrection and healing.
- (Almost) never sell items with "+ increase gold %". Gold, as you will find, is a valuable commodity in ToD.
- Although not necessarily vital, learning to use Tactics is a great asset (formation structure + stance of party members). A very aggresive Wizard will die more often than not - that's a bad thing.
- Concerning the map (key M), you have Yello Lines and Blue Lines. The Yellow Lines on the map show the quickest routes between the castles, while the Blue Lines show the routes to the mountains.
- The Wizard become really powerful at around level 20, so even if he's weak at the begining, I recommend you keep him in party, so that he can level up as well. You won't regret that.

How you spend you stats is up to you.
I do recommend keeping in mind the info bellow.

- 200: needed for both the best melee weapon and bow in-game;
- 150: needed for the best thrown weapon in-game;
- 250: needed for the best polearm in the game;
- 170: needed for the best armor;
- 80: to make sure you can use every amulet and mask.

It becomes clear that you should get all party members to a STR value of 170, for best armor (I don't remember is the Wizzard can go that high though, sorry).

- Since he starts with the highest Charisma, he should be the only dude for which you increase this stat. Use only him when bartering, as Charisma directly affect prices.
- Put stats as you see fit.
- A sword in each hand should to the trick;
- DEX -> STR -> VIT -> Ki;
- This one is a no brainer: bows, bows and more bows;
- DEX -> STR -> VIT -> Ki;
- Put polearms in his hands, stack STR (and DEX), and watch things die;
- STR -> DEX -> VIT -> Ki;
- This one is a mix of Brick and Swordsman. Treat him a a hybrid;
- DEX -> STR -> VIT -> Ki;
- This may sound a bit strange, but he's a ranger character. Difference is he specializes in Throwing Weapons;
- DEX -> STR -> VIT -> Ki;
- Do not let him in melee range, thus put in his hands ranged weapons (with Dex, he can get quite goot at it, as a matter of fact);
- Ki -> STR -> DEX -> VIT.


I don't recall much, but I found a guide at this location.

If there's someone who can / want to contribute, feel free to post in this topic.

- As a general rule, you should probably max spells that increase base stats, base damage, etc.
- You will note that elemental spell trees, in general, focus on a single type of damage. You should to the same: better to have a strong spell tree, than a sub-par variety of spells.
- Since controlling the spell tactics is not as great in the middle of combat (or otherwise!), you should probably have different party members focus on a particular spell area, and then switch them accordingly (if a battle seems too difficult): debuffer, spell damage, stats increase, etc;
- Remeber: the more spell points you invest in a spell, the more you increase its effectiveness, but also its cost;
- AoE spells do not affect party members, so you them at your discretion. Kanji spells are especially effective, as they hit every enemy on the screen.

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Nice, thanks for the info! I'll keep that in mind. Was live streaming the game last night and my wizard kept getting destroyed, ninja as well. I'll switch their weapons accordingly.
Edit: starting my own thread about Character Stats. Please delete this post.
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All I've seen call the game as "watch your gold because it's limited".
This is a lie.
If you need gold or "materials" for blacksmith you just have to start a multiplayer game with a 1 player access and use your single player team.
You get lot of cash and materials just running lower levels that yours or lot of experience running same levels as yours or highers.
You have, in a standard multiplayer map, access to all the standard portals, the ones around the citadels.
Then it's not a problem get a lot of materials.
And, a little tricks, if you save the game before getting the blacksmith and priest and you play with your single player team in a multiplayer map you get access to blacksmith and priest even if not available in your main game.
Just a hint, but if you go too far with multiplayer, in single map the game become too easy.
Choose carefully how to act.
It's a sort of trick or cheating, but the game allow do it, then maybe they have given it as a resources farming way.
Foreros: I've seen call the game as "watch your gold because it's limited".
You have to start a multiplayer game with a 1 player access and use your single player team.
It's a sort of trick or cheating
So the gold is limited. Many don't like to cheat.
It's not a cheat if the game is intended to wolrk this way. :D

Some can call it "a cheat", but it's fully admitted by game developer.
Thank you for this guide. This game is turning into one of my favorite hack and slash games besides of course Diablo 2.
EDIT: I figured it out.
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Foreros: Some can call it "a cheat", but it's fully admitted by game developer.
Where did they told this? You have still the source?
Foreros: Some can call it "a cheat", but it's fully admitted by game developer.
ERISS: Where did they told this? You have still the source?
Just because it can be done.
If this was a problem, for them, simply they would have made the game for being unable to use single player clans in a multiplayer map and save the improvement gained.
You can do it, then it is admitted by developer.
Just a simple addiction: you can use single player clans + the progress can be saved in the single game progress = the developer of the game let you use this "trick".
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