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Just was thinking, im starting to make gold boosting equipment since im hitting level 20 and getting the top gear, but still a ways to go in the game. Figured ill start making some level 20 gold equipment for use in chest opening. Is there limit to the % you can have? Like the wizard with strength, the can only go to 150 strength, is there any limit on gold boosting. My first level 20 sword will have like 300% gold boost, then I still maybe have other equipment later to make. I heard somewhere that 250% is the max on a character, some said they have 800% gold boosting gear. Any clue which is correct, I don't want to make tons of gear for my leader when 250% on any character is the max, then ill spread it out on normal fighting gear, but if there isn't a limit, ill just keep max gold gear for chest opening.

And I assume gold boost applies to chests and opening items also not just for monster mob drops. Not sure though.
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well I did some basic calculations today to see about gold drop. It does seem that it's capped at 250% per character, even if your wearing 1000% gold boosting items, it doesnt' go over 250%. I was fighting a monster. My archer who has a total of 10% gold boost was getting about 900 gold from killing it. So maybe the gold from that creature was about 800 or so, give or take. I figured 90 gold per 10%. My leader has 40% gold boost, he was getting about 1200 gold, which looked generally correct. My barbarian had 490% gold boost sword so I tried him last.

If its capped at 250%, he should be getting about 3000. If its not capped, he should be getting over 5000. Sadly he was getting about 2800-3300 gold drop, which showed that the 250% cap was getting reached, no drop was even close to 5000+, generally in the 2800-2900 range, and one good drop was 3400. So just on starting experiments, it does seem that 250% is the cap per character on gold drops. Havent tried to see if chests are affected, but ill try that later, plus ill try even a higher boost when I create more gold items for my guys on various armors.

Ok started testing on chests. It does work on chests so that's good. Tested with same 3 characters, all are level 20 so level doesn't factor into the percentages. Archer with 10% was getting about 440 gold from chests in the area (figure 40 gold every 10%). base looked like about 400. Leader was getting 580ish with his 40% boost (400+160 ish) so that sounds about right. The barbarian with 490% should be getting either 1400 if capped at 250%, or 2300 if at his noted 490%. He was getting drops of 1150-1300, with a good high drop at 1400. So again, seems 250% IS the cap on characters, both based on what I've seen on monster and chest drops. Was dropping near the 250% mark, not the 500% mark my character was currently with.
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