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Hey everybody,

Loved this game back in the day, so was stoked to play it again.

I'm having some significant crash issues that are preventing me from doing so LOL

1) If I try to save the game, I get a "fatal error occurred in Click Entertainment application" and ToD crashes.
2) If I try to start a multiplayer game, same thing.

So basically I can't save a game or play muti, and that first one (not being able to save) is pretty much a show-stopper.

In addition, I'm trying to install the 1.3.2 patch.

I get a ToD not installed error when I try to do so, so downloaded the Universal Extractor and tried to use that.
I extract the files into the ToD directory (they go into a folder called MAIN), so I then copy them back into the main directory.

But the game still says I have version installed.

Any help would much appreciated.

Running on a Windows 10 machine with integrated Intel HD 6000 graphics (yes I've tinkered around with the video settings as well, but to no avail).

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