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So, the trader Franko only appear on the third day now? I am on day 17 and he only appeared in the first time.

Didn't look the older topics, this one have commentaries about:

Edit 2: I found a provisional solution, where the game update the characters biography properly with new informations of their background and Franko continue his visits (appeared to me again on day 5), but when I push the print screen button and try to paste in the Paint and it is all black, so no screenshots. The probem was solved after installing the game again, but in the Documents file, while deactivating the DLC Little Ones, not activating the DLC Anniversary edition and restoring the game to the update 3.0.2. So, as you can se I don't know the exact reason of the problem, which seems related to one or more of the following factors:

- Intalling the game in the default location (the programs file);
- Activating the DLC Little Ones;
- Activating the DLC Anniversary edition (through the scenarios menu);
- Some undetected error in the instalation of the game;
- Some bug from the last update.

If someone be willing to test this solution, maybe without repeating all steps, we can compare and try to discover the true origin of the problem. However, since I saw some people playing the game (maybe with the steam version) while using the DLCs, these may not be the cause.

Edit 3: The user @crowknows re-installed the game and solved the problem too, but using the GOG's folder (the default path) and the DLC Little Children. Thus, it may be possible that the cause is the update 3.0.3 or the activation of the Anniversary Edition.
Post edited September 26, 2017 by DeadFishEye