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Has anyone fully completed all the Achievements? I've look online and I know I haven't done "Note: No More Tears," but there are two others I haven't been able to figure out what they are. I have a sinking feeling that they belong to the War Child DLC which I thought was not possible to buy on GOG. Are there two other achievements on here that I do not know about or is War Child somehow available on GOG? Any information or help would be most appreciated. Just in case here are the achievements I do have:

Note: A bit of indulgence
Diary: Back from the brink
Note: Bless the radio
Note Creature comforts
Diary: Day 7
Diary: Distilled gold
Note: Doubled the watch
Diary: Effing snow
Diary: Finished ransacking
Diary: First blood
Diary: Hoste's open!
Diary: Miraculous Recovery
Diary: Patched up and ready to go
Diary: Shooting for five stars
Diary: Traces of lives
Diary: We've been everywhere
Diary: We have wintered
Diary: We Made A Stand
Epilogue: War is over
Epilogue: We made it!

Little One DLC:
Note: Avoid the worst
Note: Better days
Diary: Bond for life
Note: Everybody got to learn
Diary Our own playground
Dieary: Our future
Note: The school of life
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With the Anniversary Edition out, I had hoped to have found out a bit more but nope. I did get the "No More Tears" and "Exodus" achievements but the original two that I posted about remain Hidden.
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