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One aspect of this game I thought was pretty cool was the ability to interrogate a gang member in an effort to get them to become your informant in the gang, which opens up a new investigation.

But the way this is done could be improved and/or expanded.

Firstly, we only ever need to interrogate the first informant in a gang - all others caught by subsequent investigations automatically become your informant once you catch them. Ideally there should be an interrogation for every single one.

Secondly - though not as important and unlikely to be implemented in the near future - would be potentially having more informants available from the gangs. By which I mean, if you say don't manage to turn (or even capture) one lower-level informant, that maybe some time in the future there comes an opportunity to investigate a different low-level gang member, which could possibly lead to different subsequent investigations (i.e. different crimes and/or different sub-bosses to work your way to the top).

In addition to the above - but even less likely to be added any time soon - would be to have some kind of requirement to get a certain amount of evidence on the big boss to ensure a successful conviction. This could mean that selling proceeds of crimes related to a case would lead to the perps getting away with it due to lack of evidence.

I also think it would make more sense if a gang informant gives you pieces of information/data etc. on other cases/crimes over time, instead of just immediately opening up a new case.


One of the best things to add IMO would be tying call-out crimes and cases together better - so that it actually feels like we're busting a certain gang's activities, with follow-on cases developing from those successful busts. By this I mean it would be cool if some of the other crimes/callouts lead to investigations, including some related to gangs. So for example you just busted a bunch of people smuggling drugs in via the docks - yet currently all that happens is "they're arrested" (if you succeed that is), but there is never a follow-on investigation or any mention of any ties to any gangs - when clearly they would be connected with a gang.

Leading on from the above point, starting a new investigation into a gang's activities could be an option upon successfully arresting suspects in some callout crimes, e.g. docks smuggling. Maybe there could be an option to interrogate one or more of the suspects, and if successful then this leads to a new investigation and/or a new informant in a gang.