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I found in the version released today ( I now have a double mouse cursor, the system default and the game's cursor shows. Anyone else run into this?

This is a small clip that shows an example of what it's doing.


I did some more testing, as I thought the issue might be related to Ubuntu updating Compiz and Unity. But nope, to are perfect. It's definitely something they changed in, I also noticed odd flickering and a slight longer load time for this new version. You can actually see my desktop flicker in during loading in the clip I linked, past versions didn't' do that.

I'll just stick with 36 for now and hopefully this gets resolved, I find the double cursor so annoying I can't play it like that. :)
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Just FYI in case anyone is wondering about this.

I discussed the problem on the steam forums and it looks like the developer is adding an option to choose the system cursor or the game cursor, which should work-around this problem.