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{posting this again as it doesn't seem to have gone through first time}

I'm running a Linux Lubuntu 16.04 system. An older computer with dual CPU and 4GB RAM. However, it handles SCUMMVM games just fine.

With Thimbleweed Parks, the video and mouse pointer during gameplay is intolerably laggy. Video update framerate looks to be about 1 frame per second. Sound is fine. Even the mouse pointer is slow, laggy and chops around the screen at about 1 frame per second, making the game unplayable. This happens in both full screen (1920x1080) and windowed mode.

The weird things is that the game runs absolutely fine during the start menu mode (LOAD, OPTIONS, HELP...) and also during the initial intro animation (where the street sign is shown with the waving grass, and the train going by on the bridge). It's only when a game character first appears on the screen with the UI that the game suddenly bogs down.

I'm guessing this is a video settings issue, but I can't see how to change the full screen resolution. I did try changing the windowed mode resolution in prefs.json, but it didn't help.

Can anyone suggest a solution? Thanks.
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