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Attention! Can possibly contain spoilers!

I'm playing in the hard mode and a while ago I already feeded FaceTron with the passport and the polaroid and received a printout of the analyses. Some days later I figured out that appearantly this report is gone for some reason..
Also the diary suddenly says that there is still the open TODO to feed the FaceTron, to get an analyses, but I already did..
I don't have this report in the inventories of all characters, no polaroid, no passport, .. how is that possible? Is this possibly a bug?
Or is the sheriff hiding it somewhere, after I was locked down the sewery?
The only thing that comes to mind that would make the item disappear from your inventory is if you had already used the FaceTron report with the ArrestTron and forgot about it... But it wouldn't explain why it appears as pending on the to-do list.