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Just wanted to give a thumbs up to VorpX working 90% well in this game.

I needed to increase the FOV to my taste and seeing the side HUD items are difficult (common issue with VorpX), but other than that visuals and gameplay are solidly fun.

Immersion and game is much better in VR. HP Reverb btw.
Meh, VR adds nothing if it's just headtracking on a game not made for VR. Now an actually new thief game where you interact and use tools with your hands (but wiith the great design of thief 1 & 2, not your average modern game bull) would be super rad indeed.

To me vorpx is only good for racing games and other cockpit games where you use things like racing wheels and hotas so it doesn't matter too much your hands aren't tracked, when you control a character then it's an insignificant addition just like in RE7. IMO.
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See I'm in the other camp; when I get home from work, I'm tired and the last thing I want to do is stand up, move about, swinging arms or moving my hands around to play a game.

I just want an incredibly immersive, atmospheric world to play in and VorpX provides this quite well. Not only in Thief of course but Thief has some of the best atmosphere to lose oneselves in.

I'm finding I much prefer seated VR.
Well I happen to be a working adult too, lol. I'm not gonna play Pistol Whip or Beat Saber if I'm super tired, not for long at least as they can still be fun in short busts, but for longer sessions I'll do some slower paced adventure like Lone Echo or tactical FPS romp like Onward (so a real Thief VR game would also work just as well, even less intense than the latter). I much prefer standing but such games are often playable sitting with crouch and such set on buttons but still more immersing and fun with hand tracking actions...
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