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I wanted to make a centralized thread for people to discuss some of the highly-recommended tweaks for this fine game.

I have three recommendations:

1) Sneaky Upgrade:

This is pretty new and a must-have. Fixes a ton of problems and adds modern widescreen/FOV support. Be sure to check out the advanced tweaks in the CFG file for some really nice UI fixes.

2) John P's Texture Pack:

A superb texture pack for T:DS. Really, really good. Cannot recommend this enough. It really cleans up the game and makes the level design shine.

3) T:DS Tweak Guide:

Read the advanced tweaking section in particular. The walk/run swap is a must for me.

Also, if people have an issue where, when loading, the desktop blinks in and out for a second, try running the game as administrator. That fixed it for me. Really helps with the immersion.

Feel free to share more in this thread so people looking for help can find it here.
Hey, thanks for this list. Got some cool stuff in it. Going to check these out.
I prefer playing games in their original 'official' graphics, but I do highly recommend the sneaky upgrade for widescreen support and the other software/hardware fixes.
Thanks for these. I wish someone would mod the town hub so the instances weren't so small... maybe the game is too difficult to patch that way. The load times is easily the biggest turn off of the game and was my first harsh lesson in what happens when PC games are made to also work on the limited systems of consoles.
Yes, the load times are the only thing I don't like about the game, but it's still more than worth playing despite them. The game does load faster with the original textures, but I think John P's texture work is worth the extra couple of seconds.

Also check the tweak guide I linked and read it all. There is a bit about increasing the cache size - it can possible help with loading times a little bit. Between that and an SSD, I'm getting reasonable loading speeds.

One positive side to the loading though - it makes me much less prone to abuse the quickload key. I find myself playing more carefully and actually hiding when caught instead of just quickloading. I can appreciate that.
Hey folks, any suggestions for fixing missing cursor issues on menu?