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I just installed Thief Gold and wondered what would be the "necesseary"/recommended mods for a first-time journey.

I have as of now only installed the main download, not the universal update. What mods/community patches would you recommend and in which order should everything be downloaded and installed?

Thanks beforehand!
TGFix is recommended.

If you like texture packs I recommend this: Thief Gold HD Texture
do apply the universal update first (why would you NOT do that is beyond my understanding).

also, do note that the hdmod significantly changes the game requirements, is still work in progress, and represents the author's re-imaging of the levels, straying from the original concept for quite a bit. while an interesting choice for the veteran players, I would not recommend it for the first playthrough.
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+1 for TGFix
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Nirth: TGFix is recommended.
Thanks for the recommendation, Nirth. (Just now bought the Thief set, and keen to try it.)

When I go to that link, and click the download link there, it takes me to a page in Japanese, and although it's about the executable, I can't find anything to click on to actually download it.


It's OK. No idea what caused it, but I removed all the Google-related cookies in my browser, and I'm back to English. Google's such a head-scratcher sometimes !

Thanks again for the link to the Fix.
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