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Hey, anyone else having a bug where the alarm gets sounded without an apparent reason?

Got this issue on mission 2(prison) and mission 4(assassins),
I've played this game crazy amount of times and never experienced anything like that.
pretty much ruined the game for me a bit.
might be related to quickloading not sure.

My only mods is Tfix and HD texture pack(Thief HDMod).
try without the hdmod. you will have to restart the level though (using the restart mission button).
Tried replicating the issue, and failed.
Either time(i played quicker as i now knew the map beter) or number of quicksave/quickloads.
Could be a factor. If it happends again I will remove HDmod.
Considering I seem to be the only one who experienced it, it might be a fluke.
Strange that it happend to me twice on diffrent missions and then cant be replicated on those missions.

A interesting thing about it was i had a quicksave before the alarm/guard alert event, in the prison map
it happend at the area above the stairs that lead to the path where you can choose which cellblocks to go 1-2/3-4. The alarm always sounded as i approached the stairs, it dident matter if i waited or not. one of the guards got alerted through the walls, i could hear him followed by the alarm. with no other options i had to accept the alarm. To bad I dident keep the save.