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I've got a problem with Theif (first part):

I accidentally changed all my controls in the options and I would like to have the default back. Deinstalling, rebooting and reinstalling didn't help. I've still my customized controls =/

Of course, I could customize it myself, but anyhow I don't get a good setting. All combinations I tried are more or less bad. That makes the game a lot harder.

I would be glad If someone could post me the default setting of the controls or his own, good working customized controls. A list of the keys from top to bottom, or just a screenshot or the setting would be very nice.

Greetings Baal
This question / problem has been solved by javihyugaimage
Well, for what I read, I do not think you have deleted the default options at all, so you should be able to go back to the default state. For doing this, just click the "load" button in the keyboard layout options menu and you will be able to choose, among other settings, the default control layout.
Thank you! I never clicked on the load button before. I thought, it's a for loading a saved game. I was a bit bewildered why they placed a load button in this menu. But now it makes sence :) I feel so stupid now :D
I am glad I could help you. Enjoy this masterpiece. :)