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I have just tried to play Thief 3 for the first time and am encountering some difficulties. The movement seems extremely jerky, especially when I try to move forward and strafe at the same time; it's almost as if instead of moving, I am teleporting a few inches at a time. Also, whenever I make it to the end of the first mission, the game locks up, but my cursor can still move around. Is there some kind of patch I should download or what?
This question / problem has been solved by voodoo47image
try this.
I just wanted to mention Thief 3 deadly shadows (along with Deus Ex invisible war which is made by the same dev) still has the game cursor freeze at startup these games have no controller support so with the cursor for mouse not working practically makes the game unplayable for me same issue on steam.
will there be a fix? and on gog not off some website where my browser keeps saying its malicious
hope everyone's keeping safe and enjoying gaming.