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So I'm in a bit of bind here.

I installed Thief 2x and deleted the line for the CD path in the darkinst.cfg, so it launches fine.

However it goes to a black screen, then just crashes to desktop.

I copied ddfix.ini and cam.cfg into the Thief 2x directory so I really don't know what's wrong, someone help!

Any help would be appreciated as this expansion looks awesome.

Oh, and Thief 2 still works fine.
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You must be trying to launch Thief2x from its icon (i.e standalone). That means it will be using the old unpatched Thief 2 code that Thief2x was originally based on. It will work better if you run it as a Fan Mission/mod through the main game :)

To do this, you'll first need to make a shortcut to Thief2.exe and call it something like 'Thief 2 FM Loader', then right click the shortcut and select properties. In the target box, add ' -fm' (without quotes) to the end after the ". Using this shortcut will now launch the mod loader/manager. The FM loader will then ask you to choose a directory for new missions, so create one and call it whatever you want ('FM Install' for example). Now move the zip file for T2x into the folder you just created and relaunch the FM selector, then double click T2x in the selector and it will be installed for you. Finally, double click T2x again and the selector will start it. You can use this to play any other fan mission as well (and there are quite a lot of them ;) )!
Well, first off thank you, I didn't except so much help so fast.

I guess it's a start, now I get to the menu, although there's no text, then the game crashes again.

To be honest, I'm rather surprised that they called this version "final", because I've been trying to get this game to work for the past 2 days to no avail.

Additionally, there is no zip file, there's only an exe installer.
You might also want to check this thread, which has some useful information:
Oh sorry, I forgot it had an installer! I just gave you the instructions that work for normal Fan Missions, my mistake! Been a while since I played it, but I think you have to move your T2x folder into the 'FMs' folder. Then T2x should show up in the FM selector (if you've got that working?)

Yeah, that's the risk you go through with old games.