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Greetings to all

I recently re-played the 1st Thief installment with the HD mod. Which worked without any kind of problems.
So with all the joy and nostalgia I jumped straight to the 2nd Thief. I downloaded the HD mode.
Link to ModDB:

Everything seems fine. But the problem that I noticed was that neither the Intro nor any kind of "in-game Video" would play. If I press the intro button in the main menu, the screen simply turns black for a half of a second.
It isn't anything that is "game-breaking", but it hits the atmosphere and the mission flow, (Even though I completed Thief 2 many years ago.)

If anyone had the same problem please assist.

As written above, this isn't game breaking, so if the problem requires a lot of re-coding or (if I am the only one with this problem, then feel free to ignore this request)

Thank you all for your assistance
Have Fun
restart the computer.