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might as well make it official - from now on, TafferPatcher is considered deprecated, and while still not completely out of date, its use is discouraged.

a new community patcher has been built from ground up, it's up to date, faster, simpler to use, and includes a few extra mods.

download T2Fix here.
About time, I was waiting for an up to date version of TafferPatcher, but apparently its abandoned now.

Just installed T2Fix, everything is working fine, it was a nice surprise seeing the sound enhancement pack and subtitles being included, will the T1Fix be including them too in the future (as optional features)? I know we can install them manually, but having them integrated would be a nice quality of life improvement.
I'd like to keep the size under 200MB, so not planning to add anything at the moment (maybe the subs, should be straightforward enough). the patcher code also needs to be updated - I'll revisit this sometime this autumn, when hopefully all other things I need to tend to this year are resolved.
Tried this, first with my install as it was and then with a clean installation and after first run of the game and both times it looked and felt like it ran at a very very low framerate, something like 20 or less. Thief 1 with TFix and everything is flawless, as was Thief 2 before applying T2Fix. I'm on Windows 10 with the latest updates using an i7 3770K and GTX1080 with the latest drivers. I'm trying to run this at 1440p. I re-installed the runtimes as well to make sure I have the required versions. I chose the "full" install. It's laggy like that even when in the main game menus so it's not really a matter of 3D performance or settings anyway.

Edit: Solved, it's a conflict with GSYNC. I have one of the GSYNC Compatible Freesync monitors (the AG241QX) and keep it enabled by default for both fullscreen and windowed mode. Disabling it with whatever method when running the game (like choosing for GSYNC to only be enabled for true fullscreen applications, the Thief games seem to run in borderless windowed mode so it won't apply to that) gets the flawless performance back. Weird, considering it was fine before/for Thief, but minor.
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I'm guessing you also chose the "high" video preset - that one is quite demanding, switching to "standard" should yield the same performance as TG patched with TFix.
It works fine with gsync disabled, no need to reduce settings and no performance issues or anything, just a weird conflict with the syncing method it seems (which also applied in the main menu so really nothing to do with how demanding it is).
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