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I am stuck at a level and have fallen on a floor from where I am unable to climb back. Checked everything.
It is either replay the whole level or edit the save game. I have failed at editing. Tried DromED. Didn't get it. I am not so smart. Could someone please just drop me on the upper level/floor? Can share my save game. Anyone?
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yes, share the save.
voodoo47: yes, share the save.
Thank you. Here it is -

Hope you can elevate Garrett :)
forgot to ask - GOG build, or TFix patched?
voodoo47: forgot to ask - GOG build, or TFix patched?
weird, avatar doesn't seem to be stuck, but here you go, moved it a bit.
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I was stuck at a level, but not at an immovable spot. I am sure I was unclear. It's just that if you land up where I am without toggling the correct switch then there's no way to go back up .. you can roam around but the only way out is upstairs.
Thank you so much for moving the player to the upper floor. I should now be able to complete this level.
Did you use Dromed? Will you be able to make a video or share some screenshots as to how you achieved this? A quick screen recorded would be great, only if possible. I wish to learn. Thank you once again!
the TFix topic has Dromed installation instructions. once it's installed, you run it, type
set game_mode_backup 0
into the command window in the lower right corner and hit enter, then you go Game, click Persistent Player Position, then Game again, Game Mode (reportalize NO), then hit escape once the window loads (black and empty), load your save, once loaded hit ALT+E to get into the editor mode, do the changes (F3 type in player, hit enter and then F8 to get to the player avatar), then Game/Game mode again, save, and exit, and now you have an edited save you can load using the game exe.

easy, wasn't it?