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Hello everyone,

I bought the game not long ago and rejoiced about playing this legendary game but some piece of information made me believe that sound was important in the game.

The problem is I can't play with the sound on, due to a handicap (hyperacusis = painful hearing).

Therefore i would like to know if sound is not too vital for me to play the game, or if i can't get away and play this classic gem.

I have no reason to believe it would not be possible to complete the game with audio disabled, but this is going to make it quite difficult at certain places, as you will not be able to hear how loud your footsteps are (which is important, much more important than being able to hear a guard complaining about rats around the corner).

I think I could make a minimod for you that would make all the AIs deaf to equal things out. also, grabbing the subtitles mod would be a very good idea in this situation.
Post edited March 21, 2021 by voodoo47
I've not modded the game myself, so I don't know how feasible this is, but could something like the subtitles-mod be further modified to include some form of "closed captions" for the footsteps? Something like having it display "tap" when stepping on soft surfaces, "clunk" on louder surfaces, and "CLANK" on very loud surfaces?
I have to admit I did not explore the subtitle functionality too much, so I guess you would have to ask in the linked TTLG topic.