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Hi there. For some reason the sound keeps disappearing in Masks level in Thief II Metal Age. All the other missions before Masks had no problems. The only way I can fix it is to completely quit the game and then start it up again.
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you mean like completely shutting down? try a different sound driver in the options.
Thanks Voodoo47. Yes, the sound completely disappears, no voices, no footsteps, no nothing. I think you mean toggle hardware acceleration on/off? That didn't quite fix the problem although I discovered that just by simply going into the game's option menu, that will fix the problem temporarily.
yeah, the options are on/off/openal, try all of them (openal needs to be installed to actually show up). maybe try to update your audio drivers as well.
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I do not know where I can download OpenAL.
MistSeeker: I do not know where I can download OpenAL.
Try the one from GOG.
Ok thanks Gydion, I'll try it.
Ok thanks guys, I believe the problem is with my laptop and not the game itself because now I've noticed the sound is disappearing even when I watch videos. But thanks for trying to help me anyhow.