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Playing this series for thr first time and its pretty good so far. U appreciate a game that does not give you all the directions instructions to proceed.
Ive heard about you having to be careful of your steps because even little noise from afar can alert gaurds. And they can still see you easily, even if you are in the shadows.
But this not the case with the thief 2 im playing. They dont react to sound. I can walk loudly right behind them and they dont react. They have poor field of vision. Sometimes gaurds
dont see you at all beyond 20 feet or so, in full light. Other times they comment that they maybe saw something. A foot closer and they start to search for you, but still haven't fully spotted you. All in full light.
They do not react quickly to noise. It is easy to run up behind two gaurds side by side and knowk both out one after the other, as they dont hear the noise right next to them. They only know you are there when you are right up close in front of them in the dark, or less than 20 feet away in the light.
I thought that thief 2 will be harder than this. Not that i sm not challenged anyway. I am playing with tf2fix and the enhancement modl, and im playong on hard difficulty.
Sorry. Meant to say i am playing on expert difficulty.
Yeah, I'm wondering if the game is broken.

I'm finding the AI very easy also abiet I am playing on Normal; but I'm not convinced a higher difficulty changes AI, only the amount of objectives.
Who ever said they can see you in the shadows and how would that be "good AI"? The whole point of the game is they can't see you in the shadows. If they could see you in the shadows the fuck would be the use of the light gem showing you when you can't be seen? It wouldn't exactly be challenging for the developers to change all the darkest shadows to a grey state for the light gem rather than a complete black one if it would somehow be a better game when they can still see you. It works how it was intended to work and for the experience they intended to provide. Just keep playing, it's fun to crawl around and try to find your way around cool labyrinthine levels and gain access to the required areas with small puzzles or whatever without messing up and finding all the loot and primary and secondary objectives. If you play carefully it's not that hard but it's still fun and has a cool story to get through. It's barely about AI, more just level design and preset patrol routes. If you find it too easy try ghosting, there are a few levels in either game where it's impossible due to the objectives or scripted events etc., but otherwise you can finish the games without even knocking anybody out, basically other than the completion of the objectives and looting make it so it's as if you were never there.
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