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I don't think there can ever exist enough people who have experienced this awesome series of games, so I've personally set up a little contest just for fun where one lucky winner gets Thief Gold, Thief II: The Metal Age and Thief: Deadly Shadows bought from either or Steam, winner's choice, paid for by me. Two other people then get only Thief: Deadly Shadows and you can try to only win Deadly Shadows if you wish.

If you're interested in having a go at winning the Thief games for yourself or for a friend, then watch the video for details.

This contest of mine ends 31st of this month.

I know people posting on this forum most likely already do own all the games, but I know a lot of people only lurk in the dark looking at the topics while still only thinking about making the purchase, and that's what I always do as well. If you can wait for 10 days before buying the games you could as well just try your luck and get them for free.
And if you are not interested but know of someone who is, then you can help them to potentially obtain an important cornerstone of quality gaming.

Thanks for reading.
I put in some advertisement for this giveaway:

Hope you don't mind.
Not entering, since I have all tree games right here on the shelf in a nice one-DVD collection, but +1 for you
Thanks guys. I don't mind more people knowing about the contest, that's why I made this topic here in the first place. To me it's financially all the same how many people participate, so the more the merrier.
JohnnyFox: I know people posting on this forum most likely already do own all the games
Not all of us! Thanks for this great giveaway! I enjoyed tremendously the first two Splinter Cell titles, so this type of game is exactly my thing. :)

I will send e-mail and PM when have a chance to see the playthrough.


Messages sent. Waiting impatiently for the end of the month... :D
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I sent a PM on youtube. Thanks for the giveaway!
Ohh, what a fun giveaway. I'm not entering since I already have the games here on GOG, but thanks anyway and +1 to you, JohnnyFox. :-)
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Just in case someone forgot to keep checking JohnnyFox's youtube channel (like me), here is the video announcing the winners:
Thanks a lot for Thief: Deadly Shadows! (I've seen the message right now)

So I was right with the location of the hat? I had never watched a playthrough with so much attention... :)

I look forward to playing the game. Sure that I will be caught a lot of times at the beginning (you do it look extremely easy in your video, but I'm convinced that it isn't at all).

Thanks again, JohnnyFox!