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So, where can I get a pair in real life? Seriously, this guy is supposed to be a professional thief, yet he can't master the art of not wearing the footwear equivalent of a boat horn? It's the height of fun to try sneaking past drunk old Benny and having Garret slam that left foot down on the tile like he just saw a tarantula in need of squashing. Come on, Garret, I'm holding the creep button! Throw me a bone here, or I'm going to let that idiot bash you with his hammer! I love the Thief games so much, but sometimes I don't love Garret. Sometimes I drown him just hoping he'll learn something. Sometimes I'll throw him out that open window in Angelwatch all the way to the street because he stomped on a metal plate and got three Mechanists chasing him and screaming "For Karras and the Builder". To the Builder with Garret's taste in footwear!
Garret is so badass that he handicaps himself by wearing steel toed shoes, just to give the guards a fighting chance.
Maybe it has to do with the... versatility of loud boots? Maybe it has something to do with his shadow hiding abilities.
Yeah this is definitely a case in which realism was sacrificed in favor of a fun and challenging game mechanic. If I remember correctly, Thief 3 does make Garrett virtually silent when creeping on nearly any surface, and I found the game less fun as a result. I could be misremembering though.
Lol, yeah. This also pissed me off about Splinter Cell. Fisher is wearing that tight rubbery hightech stealth suit and yet he's unable to walk fast without causing a major disturbance in the whole universe. Of course stealth games are based on their special abstract rules but it just seems absurd when a stealth expert like Garret or Sam Fisher is as silent as an elephant in situations where an average person could do better - especially considering that he can be perfectly silent or invisible most of the time.
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