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Bought Thief Gold today and noticed something odd. Garret doesn't speak as much in-game. Is this a known bug with the GOG version? My Steam copy doesn't have this issue. I just patch that wtih TFix and I'm ready to go. It just doesn't feel the same without Garret's dialouge.

EDIT: There is no longer an issue.
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Garret DOES speak in-game. Rebooted the PC and restarted the game and now everything is fine. It must have been an issue on my end. Still odd that all other charaters could speak but whenever there was something context-specific Garret wouldn't say certain quotes that I thought I remembered from the game. But everything is sorted out now.

EDIT: My apologies.
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glad that you fixed it...I remember having some problems too until I installed the unofficial patch which seemed to fix all problems with cut scenes, voices etc.
It's Garret being extra stealthy...