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Hmm, so I was trying to run these games with Alchemy on, to emulate the EAX hardware sound... It seems to work in the levels, but it causes the videos to play with no sound...

Anyone know how to fix this?
According to the link below it is a DLL issue with ALchemy. I'm going to try the solutions posted there shortly, but you might want to look as well:
Ok, I think this may be solved, but not with my previous post.

I found a reference to a beta version of ALchemy (1.43.06) on a Creative forum board.
The link didn't work, but this one does, or should:

I now have correct EAX working in game and have at least tested the video in game by launching the introduction and have sound there too.

I hope this helps if people want to go the EAX / ALchemy route and have found no sound in their videos.

This IS a beta though, so I take no responsibility if it doesn't work, and I reckon Creative won't either!
Thanks, I'll give it a try!
Hey, I think I found the solution for this issue... the problem is not the alchemy version but that the audio in all videos except death and success video is in 8 bit mode. Death and Success video have 16 bits audio and sound perfectly with EAX on, so I have extracted the audio streams of every video file, converted them into 16 bits audio and inserted again in the video files. Now all cutscenes play with sound even with EAX active.
To extract and to insert again the audio I have used Virtualdub 1.9.11 software and to convert the 8 bit audio streams into 16 bit audio streams I have used Total Audio Converter 3.0 software, and it's a really easy task.
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That makes perfect sense... thank you abyss696!