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So heres the deal: I've been enjoying Thief 2 multiple times and still consider it one of my favourite games off all time. Such a brilliant and open level desing and so many different possibilities, the AI, the atmosphere and nearly everything else.

Few days ago i looked at steam (sry GoG) and saw thief gold for 4,99€ and decided to get it right away with high hopes and a smile on my face... well im currently at level 8 and i've not enjoyed nearly a single bit of the game because of it's abysmal level desing, the AI and because of those damn zombiemutant things!

The AI is from my worst nightmares @,@!! the guards will hear me wherever i go/whatever i do and they immediately find me despite the fact that im completely in shadows and 10 miles away...still gonna play it through no matter what but to ease my pain and the loss of money i'd like some hardcore tips and tricks (yap) for this....
p.s whats your favourite level/part of the game? :-) i may not have an answer to that but damn i love blackjacking people!
Hmm... it has been quite a while since I played the first part, but I can´t remember having such huge problems. Do you look for ways with no metal on the ground because on that even sneaking will be loud. And have you already the moss arrows? (not sure when you get them), they help often at hard points :-)
You'll find the zombies are quite slow and stupid so unless there are a lot of them, you can quite easily just avoid them by moving quickly.

As already mentioned, try to avoid metal or use moss arrows to dampen your footstep sounds. Crouch and creep slowly. If you're still having problems, having your sword drawn slows you down a bit more and can make you move a bit more quietly as well.

You need to have quite a bit of patience with Thief but I'm presuming you already know that as a fan of T2.
NightwalkerLT: having your sword drawn slows you down a bit more and can make you move a bit more quietly as well.
Yet the sword shines and increases your visibility (unlike blackjack).
You enjoyed it time ago? :) funny!

I mean, i LOVE Thief the first chapter, but all the things you telling about the second chapter, The Metal Age, there were things i HATE when the game was released, in fact i been really dissapointed with THIEF 2 after i played THIEF 1. Mostly because it was bad designed in comparison, was bigger... ok. but bad designed...

I wish i can play it again soon, i boughth the 2 first THIEF games here again on and i own the 3rd one in retail too. And i want to play the 3 in a row... i wonder if i will feel the same feelings i got with THIEF2 now... i really disliked it in it´s moment.
I hated the zombies but loved everything else about Thief.