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Theme Park, delayed on numerous occasions eventually released in August of 1994. This month marks the 25th anniversary.

While that makes me feel old, this game was my life and the obsession with it has never gone. Did rather hope it would have been remastered by now in HD (not the disgraceful EA mobile remake) replacing the high res mode and with the infamous mouse bug fixed plus others and the later improvements/missing features included in the (inferior imo) ports that the development team were unable to bring back to the original DOS version at the time. The DS remaster was handled by troubled EA Japan and while built on the DOS version, it was a damaging version, but at least it proved to be possible to strip it back and add to the old game code.

Also Peter Molyneux's original build(s) he often mentioned in various interviews, would be a very interesting document.
Cheers, I am also one of the people still enjoying the game.

Though I don't need a remastered version, but it would be great to get the bugs from 25 years ago fixed. they were never fixed at all.

Icons missing, the instability and other oddities, which should have been fixed around that time too. :/

Still hooked... dang.