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At each game start u r asked for your nickname. Be sure u remember it, u will need to enter it next time u start the game in order to access your save files.
If u forgot your nickname, got to the game folder, open the folder saves and there u go. The savefiles have your nickname's name.

1. Layout
1.1 Don'ts
1.2 Dos (?)

1. Layout

You layout should be a bit similar to real theme parks. At the beginning, keep in mind that u want to build a large circle with lots of intersections and a middle isle. Remember that real theme parks have multiple shops combined with each attraction.


Do not build a grid-locked symmetrical hell.
Do not build one of everything
Do not build one way paths - the AI struggles with these, I once had ~200 visitors vanish behind a burger shop.
Do not build large amounts of Fences or Hedges - your mechanics cannot pass these and need to get to a ride quickly.
Do not build unreliable rides in the beginning

1.2 Dos

Build a lot of signs. Visitors need to know where their favourite attractions are, where they can buy food and how to leave the park.
Build around ~3 shops per attraction
Build a straight for shops and have the waypoints of a handyman set, so he cleans up the mess.
Have entertainer stand on waiting rows.
Leave open space next to your attractions so that mechanics can sit down and eat, otherwise they will wander off.

Now, this should get you started nicely. I do not want to write a full guide atm, but just ask questions regarding a topic or mechanic and I will try and explain it to u.
Signs? The game keeps asking me to add signs, I've researched everything to complete and still cant find signs?

I found the answer in another post, but tyvm.
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