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To everyone else having issues with the black screen after the intro video playing:

The problem is with the intro program itself. It hangs after playing the video. The INTRO.EXE program doesn't exit correctly. Why? God knows. There are two possible easy fixes you can do (either will work):

The easiest fix is to go into your game files (\GOG Games\Theme Park\GAME) and rename INTRO.EXE to something else (I called mine 1INTRO.EXE).

This messes DOSBox up a bit but the game will start (just press Enter a few times to skip the DOSBox help text).

You can edit the batch files within the folder to load the game straight away if you don't want to rename anything.

I went into \GOG Games\Theme Park and opened up the SETUP.BAT file in Notepad. You'll see at the top it says @cd config

Change this to @cd game

This will make it so that when you run the game and you have your two options, choosing option 2 (which is normally your DOS install settings) will load the main game instead. This keeps the first option as it should be and allows you an easy way to start the game by skipping the intro.

For you DOS savvy users, you can edit the dosbox_tp_single.conf file and add yourself a third option that does this but I'll leave that for now.

Hope this helps.
EDIT: Forum made some of the code unreadable and I've tweaked the solution slightly as the sound drivers would not load with my original fix

The code to paste is located at those pastebin links below.

Ok, so it was bugging me that the fix is a bit unpolished. Here is how I've got mine set up now.

Go to your Theme Park game folder (\GOG Games\Theme Park) and open the file dosbox_tp_single.conf in Notepad. Paste the following:

Save the file.

Now in Notepad, start a new blank file and paste in the following:

Save this file in the same folder as above and call it NOINTRO.BAT

Start another new file and paste in the following:

Save this file in the THEME.CD folder and call it NOINTRO.BAT

Now when you start Theme Park from the normal shortcut you should see the menu like the attached screenshot. Choose option 2 and the game will start without playing the intro. All the options that were normally available will still work fine.

@GOG Gods, please consider updating this package with a fix like this. Not sure why it happens but I can reproduce it on two of my 4 computers (both running Windows 11 and using AMD graphics cards).
tpfix.jpg (44 Kb)
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