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Is it possible? If you select "settings" you get to the original setup of the game
where you set sound, language and the setup direction. but it doesn#t seem to work
for me.
Edit theme.bat

In the line @main -cC:/game/ -dC:/THEME/ -l0

replace l0 by l1 for german, l4 for french

You can also dele the line @intro -C:/THEME to avoid launching into film each time.
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thanks a lot.
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und wenn du mal wieder etwas für alte schinken auf deutsch suchst (kann noch keine links posten)

da gibt es auch einen kleinen "deutschpatch" für die gog themepark version.
macht nix anderes wie glaudioman bereits sagte, nur eben als kleines programm ;)
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THEME.BAT edited and works fine.

Thanks amigo ;)
Y try change to spanish but i cant.

¿ Any can help me pls ?
Same here. Cannot change to French. Manipulation did not break anything, but is simply not taken into account.

Edit : after much file crawlings I discover we spoke about the THEME.BAT under THEME.CD and not under root folder. It works better now. Sorry for the misunderstanding. :)
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Thanks for the info!
wenn ich es auf deutsch stelle ist aber der ton weck , kann man das irgendwie beheben ?