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Having problems with the Theme Hospital game. It will only play to a certain point and then freezes. I have tried to verify/repair the game. Do not want to uninstall and then re-install as i am 3/4 way through the game and do not want to loose my progress. Any help?
i'm having this issue too, any help for a novice?
I am on the final level and mine has now started to freeze too. Been fine up until recently. Am only on the game for around 2 minutes before this happens and it is happening every time.
Same here. I tried Mac and Windows, both got frozen.
Very frustrating.
has anyone found a solution to this? it happens to me all the time as well.
Make sure you set Keep Aspect Ratio in video driver.
Remove any compatiblity from GOGsettings and DosBox exe's (fullscreen optimisation or anything else set by GOG).
You can use this tool to check what compatibility use (most not available in properties, especially in Win8\10).
Set adminrun to both exe or only to GOGsettings and use it (one of the settings lnk) as laucnher.

Install current DosBox to system. Copy DosBox folder conetnt to DosBox folder in GOG DOS-WIN version (almost similar to DOS-MAC). Try this dosboxTH.conf file...

At least i cn put link to AppCompatibilityChecker by Verok

Check other threads. Some rooms can do some bugs with patients or surgeons. Also all levels time limited - after some year game stop generate patients - and if player continue "play" - CTD or freeze.
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