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I have 2 levels to go. Maybe a stupid question: my patients begin to throw up - like a chain reaction, after a time everybody is throwing up. :) How do a I prevent this?

Is this something different than the epidemics (with the health ministry guy etc.)?

Thanks in advance.
This question / problem has been solved by Pangaea666image
It's not the same as epidemics, but it can be caused by some of the same, namely crowded corridors and waiting areas, which are not clean enough. Hire more janitors and set them to just clean up garbage (but make sure others are watering plants and especially fixing machines). Also make sure you have toilets available so patients can take a dump and such on a bowl, and not under the chair ;)

Once this happens, I think it's a right nag to get out of it though. Maybe you need to cut off supply of new patients or something, until the mess is cleaned up.

Main thing here is to make sure waiting areas are clean and not overcrowded. So have enough janitors picking up garbage, toilets easily accessible, and enough GP offices so queues don't get very long. Oh, and have the best doctors in these offices, as they are much faster than juniors.
Thanks. I am doing already most of the things (like hiring consultants for GPs, many janitors etc....) But you are right , it happens, when there are many patients. Do you have any tips, how to manage the waiting area - do you have more smaller ones which you keep separated for example?
I had a big problem with epidemics too, and they became quite impossible to handle. But there is a thread here that helped a lot, and later on I posted some examples from my own game, with how I designed the waiting areas. It became a lot better :)
I recently ran into this problem. The fastest way out is to kick out all the patients or refer them to competing hospitals. Then, hire a load of janitors and wait for them to clear the mess.

Patients will quickly build up again so no worries.