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Yes I did. I didn't test it over hamachi though (as I said - I have a public ip). I only tested it over lan, but it should work regardless of the networking environment if properly configured.

EDIT: If I run two instances of TH on my machine I can connect regardless of the ip I use (localhost ip, lan ip, public ip).
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Finally figured it out. It turns out I did need to forward a port to accept connections. It's strange how it just doesn't work with the instructions that come with the clients though.

Anyway, I couldn't have done it without your help. Thanks :)

One more thing, when you are playing in multiplayer, is everything all a little laggy? It's still just about playable but everything is much slower for me.
Yeah. It can lag a bit. That's probably due to the game's synchronization mechanisms not using any sort of lag compensation.

P.S. I'll add the note on forwarding the port to the post you marked as the one that solved the problem, so others don't have to read through the entire thread.
I have the same issue, I did everything that has been written here, but it doesen't work. I use Hamachi but we always get "Connection timed out", anyone with a good idea what I can do?

(I even tried to get my friend to play the game through Hamachi from my HD, it didn't work either)
They could put these infos by default on the files when you install, is that possible? I'll try these later, with Hamachi.
It works but the lag makes it borderline unplayable.
another old topic up from me
Windows version have also DirecPlay IPX protocol. I think that support online multiplayer over IP exatcly for Internet (didnt see any limit notice).
Anyway, better use native Windows. + IPX Wrapper for most users (TCP\IP replace IPX by default on Windows OSs from Vista). and Legacy DirectPlay Windows features on in Control Panel for Windows 7 (latest)\above(again, latest dx and general Windows updates).
Hamachi still useful for seeing if 2-4 players have connection to each other before starting the game.
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