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Hi Guys, I installed the game yesterday and played it to stage 5 like for 4 hours.
I saved my game twice.

The problem is: When I enter the game and try to load a game, all saveslots are "free"
The strange thing is, there are the save-files in the Theme Hospital/SAVE-Folder.

Is there the possibility, that the game doesnt recognize the SAVE-Folder or configured it not correctly?

An important information could be, that i installed the game not into the default-path but just to

"D:\Theme Hospital"

Have a nice day. :)

Nevermind, i found the solution.
The problem was, I used another "NIckname"; when I entered the game.

Thanks anyway guys
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I got this too. But I will try what you suggested regarding using the same name, thanks!

Mine is also installed in a different location.