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Changelog for Patch 964-Ansel / GOG-4 (added 07 November 2016):

- We have now updated The Witness with support for NVIDIA's Ansel imaging tool.

- We did this because Ansel adds a lot of interesting ways to take images from the game; because The Witness is highly visual, this should be some good fun.

Capabilities include:

- Super-resolution screenshots (waaaay higher than your monitor resolution)
- 360-degree panoramic screenshots
- Image tweaks for brightness, contrast, color control
- Postprocessing filters

- To use this stuff, make sure The Witness is updated, that you are running a supported NVIDIA GPU (GeForce GTX 600-series or later; for a list of compatible GPUs, see ), and that you have recent drivers for your NVIDIA GPU, then press alt-F2 during gameplay. The Ansel control panel should appear.

- When in Ansel mode, you get a bit of control to fly a free-floating camera around. So as not to break the game, if you are in the entry castle at the very beginning, you can't fly very high; but once you turn off the force field and exit the courtyard, you can go much higher.

- Here's the announcement on NVIDIA's site:
I downloaded all 3 installation files. Files 2 and 3 (3.9GB and 153MB) can not pass integrity check. I redownloaded them twice but still they fail.
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Changelog for update 964-Ansel(A) (added 22 March 2017):

- Added support for Cloud Saves in GOG Galaxy 1.2 and newer
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Mac version? it is out on steam
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Changelog for Update (added 24 March 2017):

- Added the Mac version of The Witness to everyone's accounts.
- Added support for Cloud Saves for the Mac version of The Witness in GOG Galaxy 1.2 or newer.
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Changelog for Patch 21.12.2017 (added 06 March 2018):

** The Mac version of the game will be updated as soon as possible **

- Added alternative "Click-to-Move" control scheme: Pause Menu -> Controls -> Mouse Control
- Mimics the touch controls from the iOS version with the mouse
- Left click to walk
- Left double-click to run
- Left click and drag to look around
- Right click to toggle in/out of focus mode
- Hold middle mouse or alt to strafe
- Remappable keys: Pause Menu -> Controls -> Customize Keys
- Remappable gamepad: Pause Menu -> Controls -> Customize Pad
- Ability to swap gamepad analogue sticks: Pause Menu -> Controls -> Pad Sticks Layout
- Fix to prevent players getting stuck after the rotating platform in the marsh
- Allow supersampling in fullscreen in High profile
- Improved early game control-hint UI
- Many small bug-fixes to art, gameplay, and performance
- Savegames are now compatible between Mac and Windows versions.

Windows only:
- Make sure Xbox gamepads work on a vanilla install of Windows 8/8.1/10 without needing to install the Windows 7 pad driver
- Fixed incorrect default language selection on Windows PCs set to Portuguese or Brazilian Portuguese

MacOS only:
- Made default quality settings levels (High, Medium, Low) more in-line with other platforms on equivalent hardware
- Fixed some performance bugs
- These greatly improve performance on Macbook (including Air, Pro) especially older models