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Does the achievements, ones that are not included ingame, works?
Those 37 that are ingame works on Galaxy too, but I can't get the other ones.

For example:
Speedster - Visit Novigrad and Rivia in one turn. - I was able to do this in offline game with Good Fortune card, to travel from one place to any other. I was in Rivia at the start of the turn, used the card and traveled to Novigrad but achievement didn't unlock.

The Fellowship is Complete - Win one game with every character. - I did this multiple times with every character but in offline game only. Nothing unlocked.

Am I doing this right or those achievements doesn't work?
This question / problem has been solved by Ingsoc85image
They don't work for me as well.

I think those were meant to be added sometime in a future update, although I doubt they ever will.
Good to know Speedster isn't working. I used that certain Good Fortune card to travel from Novigrad to Rivia, but no achievement.

I actually started to wonder whether the achievement isn't working - or whether I'd somehow need to be able to travel to Novigrad/Rivia AND use the GF card to get to the other location during one turn. I'm pretty sure that wouldn't even be possible.

Going to keep in mind that other non-working achievement as well.