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Did this plan to add more languages to the game?
Hello , please add the Spanish language.
there are many people who speak it , and that would improve sales and accessibility. Thank you .
I would also like to see German language... It's simply a must in those text-heavy games. Anybody knows if it is planned? It really would improve quality and sales.
Czech would also be nice :)
Spanish pleaseeee
...and russian, if possible. Thanks. :)
i hope german is planned. it will come for the table top version next year.
Где Русский язык в игре? Купил а играть то как?
Здравствуйте! Добавте, пожалуйста, поддержку русского языка в игру.
Chinese language here!please!
Ich hätte gerne für "The Witcher Adventure game" die Deutsche Sprache.
Vielleicht hilft es wen wir alle dem Hersteller schreiben?!