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I'm not expecting the world for this game because I understand it's more or less been left behind at this point, but my friends and I have been enjoying this game a lot and the only issue - literally the ONLY issue we have with the game is the constant threat of a disconnect completely ruining an amazing 2-3 hour long game.

In our most recent game, none of our internet even suffered any sort of outage. I just randomly got kicked to a disconnected screen and at that point I pretty much saw an amazing game where we were all neck and neck for victory, finishing up our second quest cards and bulking up for a third, all just completely vanish.

It's remarkably disheartening for such a fun board game to have to worry about disconnecting and losing all our progress. I would buy the physical board game but the whole reason we're enjoying the digital version is because we rarely ever get together to play games so this was a perfect solution. Almost perfect at least. :/

Please, CD Projekt Red. I know I'm probably shouting to the wind here with this, but you've been such an amazing developer. The Witcher 3 is hands down one of my favorite games of all time and you've been supporting that remarkably over the past year since it's release. Can we please just get a patch for re-joining games? Not looking for anything extraordinary like a save feature, but at least give us the option to rejoin a game after we disconnect.
I feel you, we bought this and had a really good time even in the first game when we didn't understand a lot. We called the game off before finishing and said we'd start a new one, now knowing the game a little better, the next day.

So we did, it was really fun until after 2 hours or so when one of my friends disconnected. We found out the hard way that there was no way of reconnecting :(

At least allow us to save the game once in a while so we can reload with the same people or find a way for us to reconnect.