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SPOILERS possible.
If you play first time or even second it could ruin your plesure.
Some people who play this game often like me, like shortcuts. I have found many usefull xy coordinates and I want to share what I found.

White Orchard
xy(5,-37) Amateur Armorer
xy(57,5) door at the Inn
xy(-231,6) Herbalis
xy(-338,346) Nilfgaardian blacksmith

xy(224,148) Crow's Perch Yolanda craftsman
xy(170,170) steps to Baron's House ( the shorter way to box / stash )
xy(2383,-1046) entrance to Quartermaster's tent at Nilfgaardian army camp
xy(1165,-1018) Place of Power at sacred acron tree
xy(-260,-110) Keira's Metz House
xy(-225,310) Pelar
xy(850,950) bridge to Novigrad
xy(900,780) cave with Talar & trolls (witcher gear)

xy(1718,1040) Oxfenfurt entrance to armorer
xy(1790,940) Oxfenfurt blacksmith

xy(600,1700) Hattori, Master Blacksmith
xy(718,1740) Dandelion's Inn ( box / stash )
xy(648,1972) Dijkstra's baths
xy(588,2257) Place of Power on Temple Island
xy(540,1850) The Golden Sturgen Inn's door next to harbor & the big ships
xy(755,1920) Triss House

xy(1900,2325) crossroad at the road to Olgierd Van Everec (beggining of HofS DLC)
xy(2500,2400) next to Runwrighter

xy(-310,-765) Place of Power between Fornhala and Holmsteins Port
xy(-1805,1455) Place of Power NW of Svorlag
xy(-47,628) door to Inn at Kaer Trodle Harbor (box/stash)
xy(1000,0) druids camp
xy(1050,270) hermit alchemist
xy(270,1460) Ivar on the island
xy(510,795) Djinn's ship on mount
xy(230,910) sunstone cave entrance
xy(1050,-410) cave with succubi mushrom

Kaer Morhen
xy(22,22) the door to upper castle
xy(-150,-110) watchtower near castle
xy(-90,820 ruined watchtower by lake
xy(-300,-40) bastion
xy(130,390) cave with single troll by lake(that one who attaced prophessor's invaders - The Witcher 1 game)
xy(195,-370) greenhouse
xy(0,0) casltel in the middle of yard
xy(-320,175) cave with Superior Wolven Trousers (Trial of the Grasses)
xy(370,-50) cave with Superior Wolven Boots

Isle of Mist
xy(122,277) Ciri house door
xy(122,370) Ivo on pilar
xy(-50,190) Ferenc (Fiend !)
xy(-35,420) lighthouse - Gaspard


beginning of the route to ride on horse to picture of CD Project Red team - without climbing xy(-1950,-3990)
much closer to the top xy(-300,-2550)

xy(-970,-780) Hermit on a lake where Areonaut sword is
xy(-400,-800) bed in Corvo Bianko , but only from distance, if you are too close, you will land on a roof
xy(-388,-803) door to house at Corvo Bianko
xy(-445,-1425) Grandmaster Craftsmans door

places of power in Toussaint:
xy(-185,725) Place of Power (PofP) Yarden
xy(-1135,-950) cave entrance leading to PofP Axii (N of Rioux-Cannes Outpost)
xy(-645,-1866) PofP Aard (next to cave entrance for Unseen)
xy(645,-1495) PofP Quen
xy(1065,-858) ! this one require GOD command ! PofP Igni (E midlle part of map)

'Land Of Thousand Fables' from anywere in Toussaint
LofThF can be reached before quest 'Beyond Hill and Dale' but it doesn't look as pretty as during the quest.
You can find there very good heavy golden Toussaint armor, but be honest you will ruin your game going there before the quest.

xy(2552,1355) heavy Toussaint armor
xy(2670,1355) Joss
xy(2587,1300) Three Little Bears
xy(2530,1280) Big Bad Wolf at grandmama’s house
xy(2460,1455) Three Little Pigs
xy(2540,1405) Longlocks tower
xy(2605,1500) Little Flint Girl
xy(2440,1350) Duck's House
xy(2460,1260) Dwarf's camp with Duck in cage
xy(2635,1445) place where you should plant seeds

xy(2613,1711) mountain top over Land Of Thousand Fables
xy(2895,1653) highier mountain top over Land Of Thousand Fables but more distant
xy(2835,1489) middle mountain top over Land Of Thousand Fables

Slides from mountain in Toussaint:
xy(-2048,-3134) for ski board lovers ~ 35s slide down
xy(-1987,-3200) slide longer than 1 min.
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