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Is anyone else getting this? I've been looking around on GOG and Steam and while there are people with similar issues, nobody seems to experience this exact glitch. It happens on low and ultra, and with every post-processing feature enabled/disabled.

I'm on an i5 2500k and R9 280X, most recent Catalyst (15.4 Beta) installed. It happens randomly while walking around, then it'll fix itself for 10 seconds and then it'll start all over again. I've already tried in Fullscreen, Borderless Windowed and Windowed, same thing everywhere.

Excuse the weird resolution, but the game wouldn't let me take a screenshot, so I had to go to windowed and then open the game as a background window, otherwise print screen is disabled.
bild1.jpg (218 Kb)
bild2.jpg (223 Kb)
bild3.jpg (249 Kb)
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