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1. The update comes to 99,3% and stops.... Noting happens later.
2. AfteriI talk to Vesmir about setting up a trap for a gryf (gryfin?) the game wants me to get in to a menu - equipment menu, and I can not get out from there back to the game.
Sounds like you have incompatibility or corrupt installation issues. The fact that you say the "update" stalls supports this. This need to be fixed. If the update is stalling (I'm assuming Galaxy), it may be a network issue, so try again later.
The upadate succeded but still have equipment menu problem. I have the game of the year edition. I have changed to full screen mode, turned off v-sync, and limited frames up to 60.... Nvidia gtx 970 in full power mode, optymalization on, max intitially rendered frames - 1.