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Hi guys.

I finished TW2 yesterday and can't wait to finally play TW3, which I defered for way too long.

Problem: When I try to import TW2 saves to TW3, a list shows up the way it's supposed to be. But the most recent 10 or so saves are missing in that list. From what I've read there are decisions made at the very end of TW2, which are transfered to TW3. So I doubt that this is normal behaviour.
Second problem is, the more I google into it, the harder I get spoiled, that's why I'm asking for your help here.

My only reasonalbe thought was that maybe there are too many TW2 saves for TW3 import to handle, so I deleted many of them, but that didn't do anything.

Could it have something to do with that weird cloud save function?

Or is it just the wrong time shown on the save files? 'Cause the latest importable save is from 19:42, but there's no matching save time in the TW2 saves. There is, however, one save from (according to the time) exaclty 2 hours later, which happens to be the last save before fighting the final boss.
But even if so, like stated above, a decision you make AFTER that save, when talking to the boss for the last time, gets transfered to TW3.
Or does the importability of this last save depend on how you choose in that conversation?

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The game does not sort saves by date. You have to physically read all of the dates and scan down the list. It's annoying, but that's how it is.
This. For everyone having the same problem, quoted from another board:

"I just now figured out the problem. The save file all the way at the bottom of the list, when you go to chose which file to import, is your mosts recent MANUAL save, which is the incorrect one. The way it's organized is, all of your autosaves are listed from your first autosave all the way to your most recent, THEN your manual saves from the very first to your most recent after your autos. So the file all the way at the bottom is the incorrect file to use. The one you should use, that shows your ending when you load it in the Witcher 2, should be the final AUTOSAVE in the list. The way they are displayed can be confusing because on the right sight they're all labeled "manual save slot", but ignore that. Look at the actual file name itself. There are two types. They should be named autosave_0000 with the day and time next to it, and manualsave_0000 with the day and time. So the final file in the list with the autosave_00 name should be the correct file I believe."