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j0ekerr: Why are we even discussing this?

Shouldn't we simply point and laugh?

Ok, ok I'll give proper advice.

Return the game, buy a console, buy the console version (make sure you get the game for the correct console, unbelievably as it may seem, a playstation game will not work on a xbox). Enjoy witcher 3.

Never touch a computer again.

Problem solved.
OT. Performance issues on PS4 (patch 1.03). When it rains IT POURS. *severe lag*
I suppose eating humble pie is out of the question?
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coleio-p: right, heres the story, you dont make a f**king game and put it in a cd unless its actually finished and ready to play.

I understand your frustration, some people just want to play the game they paid money for, not learn to program a pc, (consoles can be useful sometimes) but as other users pointed out, if you don't know what the game actually needs to run then you will surely run into problems, now or down the road.
My advice, and probably won't do you any good, but check you installed all the redistributables (google "C++ 2013 SP1") as well as you have the minimum system requirements.
And from what i can tell, if your system has only 4 GB of ram then you are most likely running a 32bit windows, whereas the game needs 64bit -- most likely why the game won't run.
Also check this guide here:
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