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download/Installed patch 1.22 via gog account - worked fine, no issues at all.

download/installed patch 1.31 via gog account - extremely strange flickering and artifacting immediately upon launching game. Only was to remove the glitches was to go to a non-full screen setting.

My specs:
i7-5670k 4.0GHz
4x4GB HyperX 2666MHz
GTX 1080 ASUS STRIX SLI (2063/5200)
Samsung PRO 850 256GB SSD
Windows 10 x64

I did notice that when I download the 1.10-1.31 update via gog account website, that the way they name these update files are out of whack.

For example there are 3 update files to download from the gog website and this is there file names:


But when I try to update I receive an error stating please insert disk 1. And if I select the download folder and press OK it gives me another error, that the the patcher cannot find the file:


so I renamed:

patch_witcher3_1.10-1.31.0_2.0.0.52-1_2.bin to patch_witcher3_1.10-1.31.0_2.0.0.52_2-1.bin
patch_witcher3_1.10-1.31.0_2.0.0.52-2_2.bin to patch_witcher3_1.10-1.31.0_2.0.0.52_2-2.bin

and the patch seemed to have updated successfully. But I have the said, flickering and graphic artifacting.

Is there something wrong with the GOG file naming?


OK I have found out this flickering only seems to happen on the menus on FULLSCREEN, not actual ingame.
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First, your browser/downloader has renamed those files. The correct names should be:

Second, The Witcher 3 is not optimised for SLI. Disable it.