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Scribe taking a piss in the foyer of the ambassador's residence.
Some static objects in the sky
How can I post a video? There was someone in Skelige with a very funny gait.
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Can't see it in motion, but I'm guessing the second one is a failed script / algorithm for a flock of birds? It'd tell the birds to flock together, but not too close, and follow this path but not exactly, and with some variation.

I've seen a few gifs where the birds just clump up tightly to the point of looking like a flying bush until it gets closer.

The guy takin a piss there? I got nothing lol

Reminds of one time I was at Sears and had to piss so bad... sorry about that carpet in the changing room, I really am. It was either me or that carpet so yeah.

Edit: You could use at the top there's a drop down to convert video into gifs. Then just link. Good for very short stuff. There's also
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I wish we could capture in game - I had a Siren flying backwards besides me for ages when I was in a boat yesterday
I wanted a video capture of the dudes in skellige. Always walkin around like they're stepping over something. A barmaid at the cabaret, by the merchant, is vibrating something fierce too. It's like she's trying to phase in and out of "reality". I fix her when I pass by with a shoulder bump, lol "Get yerself together woman <bump>!"
The floating object's in the sky from the second image are not birds, it is grass.

How do i post video? Because i have a video where the skellige people are stepping awkward.
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