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I have posted in the past as I've had pretty serious issues with launching the game and have involved CDPR support in trying to solve the issue.

I'm happy to report that I'm now playing the game having reinstalled many many times. My initial problem was that I was unable to launch the game after updating to any patch after 1.12. I did update the game to the patches after 1.31 and found that I was having the same problem however, this time I've only updated to v1.31 and all seems ok.

I have started from scratch as I want to follow the Gwent quest which I gave up on during my earlier play so have yet to get to the Sunstone Quest which I couldn't complete as it seemed to be bugged (on arrival at the coastal cave where you meet Phillipa, nothing happened - the entrance to the cave remained sealed). I'm hoping all will be well!

It remains a mystery as to why I seem to be able to start the game with some patches and not on others but as long as it's working I'm happy!

I'll keep the forum updated if I encounter further issues.